Beyond Preventive and into Proactive
Beyond Preventive and into Proactive

Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance

Every asset and consumable has a life cycle. A good preventive maintenance program maximizes those life cycles. Dematic Sprocket Preventive Maintenance software provides the tools to ensure optimal performance and productive value.

Minimize Data Management

The Preventative Maintenance module groups multiple assets by classification to minimize data work. A single instance can have multiple assets with varying frequencies and procedures. All of your preventive maintenance schedules and tasking can be in one place.

Automatic PM Generation

Puts assets on a defined schedule and creates maintenance work orders.

Forecasting and Load Balancing Reports

Supplies estimated labor and parts requirements throughout the year with forecasting dashboards.

Customized Route Creation

Optimizes servicing multiple assets in a single area.


  • Determines asset life cycle by comparing preventive to reactive repairs
  • Creates corrective work orders while performing preventive maintenance tasks
  • Provides real data for asset life cycle by comparing preventive to reactive repairs
  • Provides kits to plan ahead for future parts needs based on scheduled maintenance
  • Reduces maintenance costs by minimizing downtime and reactive repairs through systematic equipment checks

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Preventive Maintenance
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