Flexible Capabilities for Verifying Compliance
Flexible Capabilities for Verifying Compliance

Meters & Alerts

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Meters & Alerts

To properly maintain your facility, you need to know what is going on with your physical assets. Dematic Sprocket EAM software extracts and consolidates real-time data from existing monitoring systems in your facility.

Automated Work Order Software

Using asset data, the Meters and Alerts module can automatically create work orders and assign them to operators and maintenance personnel. It can also analyze the information to detect trends that can support preventive, predictive, and condition-based maintenance.

An Integrated Solution

Never have to repeat the same process for multiple maintenance systems.

Bringing Real, Additional Value

Prevent data lags and data entry errors with meters and alerts sent directly from assets.

Flexible Implementation

Install on cloud-based servers or local servers and configure for mobile devices.


  • Provides open API for simple integration with nearly any third party controls software
  • Enables proactive energy budget planning through automated monitoring of energy use
  • Reduces potential failures with insight into asset condition from real-time trending alerts
  • Consolidates information to provide a unified picture of preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Communicates with Work Management module to correct issues and account for time spent repairing breakdowns

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