Flexible Capabilities for Verifying Compliance
Flexible Capabilities for Verifying Compliance


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Inspections are important, often required — quality assurance checks, safety and hazard inspections, meter readings. Dematic Sprocket EAM software builds, schedules, performs and updates information into the system in real time, providing reliable data about your facility.

Automate Processes

The Inspections module has the capability to trigger corrective work orders when an asset fails inspection, minimizing the time it takes complete tasks on the floor. You can use this data to track trends and perform analysis to better forecast future needs for your facility.

Customizable Answer Lists and Data Types

Adapt the software to match your system.

Intelligent Design

Generate work orders automatically when assets fail inspection or reach a specified run time.

Multiple Input Options

Perform inspections using hand-held device, web or paper (for later data entry).


  • Creates customer surveys to ensure high level of satisfaction
  • Provides predictive maintenance and capital asset management
  • Tracks trends based on data captured over time to help make informed decisions
  • Prolongs asset life through regular performance monitoring via equipment condition assessments
  • Eliminates data entry by automatically generating child work orders or through direct integration with your SCADA system

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