Peak Efficiency from Complete Asset Control
Peak Efficiency from Complete Asset Control

Asset Management

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Asset Management

Effective Asset Management is the key to success for any operation. Unplanned downtime and machine failure lead to lost productivity and ultimately lost profits. Dematic Sprocket EAM software provides the insight you need to install, operate, maintain, and retire assets cost-effectively for current and future production.

Proactive Maintenance Through Predefined Meters

The Asset Management module allows you to customize meter thresholds for your warehouse assets. Track run time and identify potential issues before they become detrimental to machine health. Set up automated alerts so your assets let you know when maintenance is necessary.

Alerts and Meters

Can be integrated with your monitoring system to send real time data about your assets to Dematic Sprocket.

Warranty Tracking

Manage vendor, contract, and warranty details by asset.

Preventive Maintenance

Track schedules, monitor due dates, view history, forecast labor and parts needs.


  • Lowers total cost of ownership by maximizing value of assets
  • Extends asset life through systematic preventive maintenance
  • Improves reliability and increases uptime by providing metrics to better understand facility operation
  • Reduces overall reactive repairs by anticipating when assets are near the end of life-cycle
  • Improves quality runtime out of physical assets by monitoring asset life-cycle

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