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Implementation Programs

Implementing Dematic Sprocket includes a high level of technical support in enterprise asset management (EAM). The Dematic goal is to provide a fast but complete implementation process at a low cost.

A dedicated Success Manager conducts group meetings every week for the first two months to ensure that deadlines are met and reviews are held. After two months, the Success Manager meetings continue at once per month for the remaining 10 months of the implementation program. Your Success Manager guides you through data collection and validates data integrity for a seamless launch.

There are two general types of implementations:

  • Data Conversion

    Most operations with existing asset management data want to retain some, if not all, of the data. Dematic converts this data to use within Dematic Sprocket while keeping your facility operating smoothly.

  • No Data Conversion (Fresh Start)

    Some operations with existing asset management data may find that their data incomplete or has changed over time. In this case (and for new facilities), data can be collected on new processes as they are implemented.

When it is time to collect new data for Dematic Sprocket, the Success Manager provides data templates. The Success Manager holds regular meetings for data review throughout the various phases of data collection and compilation. Once the data is uploaded to the site, the Success Manager guides you through site configurations and training on various features.

Our experience with Sprocket has been good. The software has many features that we will develop in the future as time and needs develop. I always feel like part of the familiy when I am speaking to the technicians. It is a good company and a good platform to be using at this time.

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